After "Hemispheres" the action-training, welcome to "Hemispheres" a new active italian association !

“Hemispheres” is not only the name our training. It is also an Italian association created by Donato, Jessica et Ilaria, the Italian participants in the 6th Hemispheres session (October-November 2010), together with other young Italian and European friends. The name of the association is directly inspired by the Frères des Hommes’ training, that (...)

Colloque "La jeunesse européenne innove et s’engage dans la solidarité internationale"

Frères des Hommes a le plaisir de vous présenter le programme de son colloque « La jeunesse européenne innove et s’engage dans la solidarité internationale ». Le colloque, organisé dans le cadre du programme « Hemispheres », aura lieu le samedi 22 Janvier 2011 de 9h30 à 17h30 au CISP Kellerman, Paris 13ème. Voir l’adresse sur le plan en ligne. Le (...)

"Being here" 10th-13th of June 2010, Kaunas (English)

"Being here", that’s the name the last lithuanian team gave to their local event. It will take place in Kaunas from the 10th to the 13th of June. For the ones who understand lithuanian language, you can read the schedule on the image below. If you want to have an idea of what the team implemented, go and see Toma’s work following this link (no (...)