The programme outcome

Play is used as a tool for promoting the ideas of Hemispheres. For each session a team of 20 learn though a rich variety of activities. Here, a game of musical chairs allows the participants to play out the inequality of wealth distribution in the world.

In pictures: Three Years of Human Adventure

Between 2009 and 2011, 180 young people participated in 9 sessions of the Hemispheres programme. The Hemispherians were enabled in a reflection on questions relating to development and inter-dependence between the developed and developing world. Around 100 local events promoting these issues were organised across Europe, allowing young people (...)

A training-action programme for international solidarity

Training-action », « consciousness-raising », « international solidarity »; these are words that appear simple, but are actually complex. How to raise awareness of problems that are not part of our daily lives? What tools do we use? Can we create new ones? Hemispheres was conceived as a project of experimentation and innovation in the matter of (...)

Hemispheres: 3 years already…

The Hemispheres project in figures: 3 years of work, 9 training sessions, 12 partner organisations, 180 participants. This ambitious action-training programme enabled young European people to implement more than 100 local events. Above all, it’s an adventure that’s just beginning. Birth The project began in 2008, at Frères des Hommes headquarters (...)
Le programme Hemispheres s'appuie sur le jeu comme outil de sensibilisation. A chaque session, 20 participants sont formés à diverses animations. Ici, le Jeu des Chaises permet de mettre en scène l'inégale répartition des richesses mondiales.

En images : 3 ans d’une belle aventure humaine (français)

Entre 2009 et 2011, 180 jeunes ont participé aux 9 sessions de formation du programme Hemispheres. Les Hemispheriens ont ainsi pu mener une réflexion sur les enjeux de développement, les interdépendances Nord-Sud. La réalisation d’une centaine d’événements locaux de sensibilisation, en Europe, a permis à ces jeunes de mettre en pratique les (...)