Interview: Alfred

What makes me feel excited (my passions)? I really like contemporaneous history and politics. At this moment of the global crisis studying and reading about alternatives to capitalism is one of my passions. Participating in the different activities that local associations organize to promote collective action it is also one of my passions. (...)

A travers les yeux d’Amandine / Through Amandine’s eyes

By Lionel

Interview with Chiara

Chiara Cariddi (also known under a nickname Chicco) came to Hemispheres from sunny Napoli, Italy. She has just come back from Turkey, where she did some voluntary work. During the training she showed her main qualities to be active participation in discussions, adventurous temper, decent amount of knowledge of where to go out in Paris and... (...)

Interview with Laura

To be involved, what does it mean to you? It’s to take part in something that you believe in. And to put as much energy as you can. What is more important to you: the people you are working with or the last goal? Both things are important, but at first it’s necessary to be interested in the goal. And after if you don’t have deep connection with (...)

Interview with KARILE

LAURA: What do we have to do to make people react/move? KARILE: First of all we must be inspired by idea. Only then you can spread your enthusiasm to others. I believe that people feel if you are honest with them, they would trust, communicate and follow you. LAURA: What kind of questions make you react or move? KARILE:Questions related to my (...)

Interview: Claire

Who are you? I am Claire, I was born on a Saturday in a little town in the South and BLABLABLA (you don’t care, doesn’t it ??). I made my studies in 4 different universities, because I like changes. I have tried to learn 6 languages but I only speak 3 (my mother language included !). I think I am not enough patient... I am not good at lying, (...)

Interview with Florence

Florence from Italy I am Florence and I studied European law. I love travelling, exploring, and meeting cool people! I am fond of art, cinema and photography. I have been a young leader and volunteer since 2008 when I joined AEGEE (European Students Forum). I am involved in European projects organised by young people with the aim of (...)

If Jonathan were interviewed by....

If you were an animal ? I’d be a lion, the king of the jungle so i can protect others and myself. If you were a movie? If I was a movie I’d be superhero(like hulk, spiderman etc) movie because I always wanted to be a superhero when I was younger. If you were a country? The country I would be is ’Ireland’. i love Ireland (My Home) the people, (...)

Interview: Sergio

My name is Sergio I’m 24 years old and a native of Milan. I am studying psychology in the “Bicocca University” of Milan. For the past two years I have been living in Spain, where I moved to play an EVS six months in Barcelona (Catalonia). After this I started to travel to Spain as a backpacker working on farms. I love reading and traveling and (...)

October 19th, "The unsustainable demand" - video

19th October par FreresDesHommes

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