Decent work conditions - August 2009

Earning a living...What does one earn by working?

The drifts of the consumer society drive to more and more massive and violent exploitation forms of workers. This scoffs their rights to decent wage and working conditions and to social welfare. For the ones who don’t have work at all, poverty is coupled with other marginalisation aspects. Because most of people have to work to face the fundamental needs (food, housing, education, health…), but also because work can generate collective utility as well as individual recognition, this training session will tackle the issues of the right to work and labour rights as major challenges in the fight against poverty, oppression and marginalisation.

From the 3rd to the 21st of August 2009

The main speakers of the session are Duarte Barreto from Fedina in India and Abelardo Vildoso from ADEC-ATC in Peru.


What does one earn by working ? Diaporama of the session ...

Some pictures about the session ... enjoy them !

Decent work conditions, August 2010. Report by the participants

This is the report of the session. This report was written by the participants. To read the document, click here: Report August 2009

Earning a living...What does one earn by working? Training schedule

This is the schedule of the training action "Earning a living...What does one earn by working?" that was carried out in Paris in August 2009.