Local initiatives, global issues

In the Estonian capital Tallinn, a conference was held on 4th February this year entitled Global/Local! Its aim? Promoting local initiatives linked to global problems: education, the environment, globalisation. It was organised by the international youth group EstYes, which promotes cultural exchanges between young people, with the help of (...)

The Toktok project

In november 2009, Siisi Saetalu and Aleksei Tenusaar from Estonia have participated to the 3rd session of “Hemispheres” : Information: a way to fight poverty. Back in Estonia they have implemented international solidarity consciousness raising event. Siisi and Aleksei introduce you their Toktok project. Social Art Project : Toktok Toktok is a (...)

Freeze the consumption by Katrin, Kadri and Allan

Short description of the action: This event is a flash-mob in Tallinn and Tartu in the biggest supermarkets at the same time. The aims are to spread the message of responsible consumption to Estonian people. To give information about the reality of consumption worldwide and to show why consuming too much is a problem. To inspire others to (...)

Word carrier about life style by Allan, Katrin and Kadri

Short description of the action: We were 4 people in the group to carry out the local event- Allan, Katrin, Kadri and Irma from Est Yes. One action of our whole event was the implementation of a words carrier. Our question was "What would you like to change in your lifestyle?" We wanted the people on the street to start thinking if/how their (...)