The word carrier in Senegal

In February 2011, three French participants in the Hemispheres programme attended the Dakar World Social Forum. Their objective? Share a new form of debate with Africans in a highly public workshop: the word carrier. The event took place at Cheikh Anta Diop University, where hundreds of students participated and expressed their opinions. For a (...)

How to talk about peasant agriculture in highschool?

Helene is a former participant of the 7th session. During Hemispheres training, she had the opportunity to increase her knowledge about peasant agriculture and to discover some tools of global education. She left the training with lots of ideas for her local event with the objective to re-use what she learned during Hemispheres’ session. A (...)

Interdépendances et Solidarités

Participante de la 6ème session d’Hemispheres, Elsa organise demain, jeudi 18 novembre 2010, à Montpellier, une soirée culturelle de sensibilisation aux enjeux de la solidarité internationale, à travers l’économie sociale et solidaire Dans le prolongement de la session d’Hemispheres, sur « l’insertion par l’activité économique », Elsa a mis à profit les (...)

"The world of labor", Sarra, France

Short description of the action: This event was implemented following three steps: 1st an exhibition from the 1st to the 8th of April 2010, a “word carrier” and a “show room”. I tackled the issue of labor over the world. The name of the exhibition was “the world labor” and the word carrier’s question was “what’s working for you?” The aim was (...)
From their fields to our plates

Interactive exhibition about food issues by Iuna Rolland

FROM THEIR FIELDS TO OUR PLATES by Iuna Rolland This exhibition connects the Southern peasants with us Northern consumers: How are produced the food we consume? What are the conditions of production? How does our way of consumption and feeding influence the way of production and the agriculture in the southern countries? The exhibition is a (...)