Information - Nov 2009

Information: a way of fighting poverty?

Everywhere around the world, poverty and exclusion mean denial of fundamental rights which prevents poor people from participating in the construction of fair solutions. The fight against all the forms of violence is indivisible with the recognition of the most basic rights. Information allows us to have a better knowledge and understanding of the issues that we (in the North and in the South) face every day. Moreover, building one speech, acting in favour of population’s active participation in public policies formulation are major challenges of the fight that needs to be led to build a fairer world.

From the 8th to the 28th of November 2009

The main speakers of the session are Nunu Salufa from APEF in Democratic Republic of Congo and Cassia Bechara from MST in Brazil.


"Information: a way to fight against poverty ?", diaporama

Some pictures about what happened during the session "information as a way of fighting against poverty" ... people, schedule, quotes from evaluation etc ...

The report, by the participants

This is the report of the session. This report was written by the participants. To read the document, click here: Report November 2009

Information : a way to fight against poverty and exclusion ? Training schedule

This is the schedule of the training action about "information : a way to fight against poverty and exclusion ?" that was carried out in Paris in November 2009.