Integration through economic activity : But how ? - Nov 2010

Integration through economic activity : But how ?

Social inclusion functions through economic activities with the individualization and destabilizing of work structures, difficulties of reaching collective negotiations, limited activities of production of goods and services without concern for its collective use and emancipation through work. How do we take all the necessary aspects into account when creating and maintaining socially purposeful work with decent working conditions ? In which conditions can this type of insertion through economics reveal a way to fight poverty and exclusion ? Do the different ways of organizing an economic structure have an influence on social inclusion ? This is the question that we’re going to explore and base our examples on, from the North as well as the South.

From the 26th of October to the 13th of November 2010

The main speakers are from MST in Brazil and from APEF in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The report : Integration through economic activity : But how ? (English)

You want to have some key elements about the contents and the feelings of the training of november 2010 ? Have a look at the report !

Sixth session : the diaporama ! (English)

Some pictures about what happened during the session "Integration through economic activity : But how ?" ... people, quotes from evaluation etc ... Sixth session diaporama

L’insertion par l’activité économique : oui mais comment ?

Individualisation et fragilisation des formes de travail, difficultés à la négociation collective, activités limitées à la production de biens et de services sans souci d’utilité collective et d’émancipation par le travail, l’insertion sociale passe pourtant souvent par l’insertion économique. Comment prendre en compte tous les aspects nécessaires à la (...)

Who are our main speakers ? (English)

You can find here a short presentation of our speakers profiles : Augusto Silva De Faria from MST (Brazil) "I´m from Sao Paulo. I studied Economics at PUC (Pontificia Universidade Católica). I joined the MST in 2000 when I was encamped in Pontal do Parnapanema, extreme east of Sao Paulo. Then in 2003, I participated in the construction of ENFF (...)