Local events

"Hemispheres" is a training definitely turned towards actions. Its main goal is to implement raising awareness actions and create the conditions for a higher level of consciousness about North-South independencies. Therefore, each person who attends "Hemispheres" training makes a commitment to create, implement and evaluate a "local event" or - in other words - a local project.

The event is supposed to raise awareness among a wide public and must be based on the specific topic tackled during the session. More than one week during the training is devoted to the creation of this project. Jérôme Guillet, from the French organization "Matières Prises" helps us in this dynamic. Of course, the topic can be turned in many ways adapted to local situations and specific skills of the participant.

This section gives an overview of several events. Each event is described and assessed by the participants thanks to a guideline. Following more or less this guideline, you have here the opportunity to read the outcomes of each project. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about the projects. The more these projects are used by others, the more useful it is !