Facilitation methods

Gleaned debate, Human bingo, The moving debate. How to facilite the exchange in a group... These tools are willing to develop a way to share ideas so as to create a collective performance.

Gleaned debate (français)

This method enables a maximal participation of each participant. That way, it is possible to have an overview of all the arguments that were developped by the whole group. It constitutes a collective performance and is animated like a (debate) game.

Human Bingo (français)

Simply make a table grid, with the form of bingo card. Replace the numbers by statements. For example: "I speak Chinese" or "I play guitar." Within previously determined time, participants must go in search of answers. The goal is to respond to the maximum number of boxes. But not only, also to allow participants to learn about their (...)

The moving debate (français)

It is a method of debate that aims at allowing the exchange, from one assertion which lead to a controversy or a contentious, we invite the participants to take physically position FOR or AGAINST. This method offers the advantage to open the discussion to a significant number of participants: 12 minimum, ideally 20, and maximum 30. Naturally, (...)