Migration, development and globalization - April 2010

Migration, development and globalization: What interactions?

Movements of migration have existed for millions of years, though the questions surrounding the interactions between migration-development-globalization are much more recent and far from reaching a consensus. Migrations for economical reasons, political reasons, or brain drain, there are so many facets surrounding the issue that it’s not just one directional and it has generated diverse strategies in different regions around the world depending on if you’re a migrant, a “host”, a voluntary activist or a political manager. Instead of giving a lesson on “leaving” or “staying”, “hosting” or “sending”, we’ll go over interdependences between migration-development and globalization starting from several examples taken from Europe, Asia and Africa.

From the 6th to the 24th of April 2010

The mains speakers are Ndiakhate Fall from UGPM in Senegal and from Fedina in India.


Migration April 2010, diaporama

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The report, by the participants

This is the report of the session. This report was written by the participants.

Migration - Training schedule

This glossary has been used during the session "Migration, development and globalization: What interactions?" that was carried out in Paris in April 2010.