"Hemispheres" is implemented thanks to the intervention of different actors from the Northern and the Southern hemispheres.

Southern partners’ roles : during one week, two representatives of Frères des Hommes’ southern partners come to impart their knowledge and experiences on the specific subject of the training. Thus, they share with the participants they way the struggle against poverty and exclusion. They also launch international solidarity debates and raise questions about the links between northern and southern situations.

Six southern partners are the main speakers of "Hemispheres" and come from Indonesia (Pergerakan); Senegal (UGPM); India (Fedina); Peru (ADEC-ATC); Brazil (MST); Democratic republic of Congo (APEF).

Northern partners’ roles: coming from different fields of intervention, the six northern partners recruit the participants and follow them up in the implementation of their local events. Also, they are stake holders in all the decisions related to the programme.

Six Northern partners are parts of Hemispheres and come from : Estonia (EstYes); France (Concordia); Irlande (FGU); Italy (Lunaria); Lithuania (KASF); Spain (Cocat)