Can food farming feed the planet ? - March 2011

Print the page Can food farming feed the planet ? From 13 March to 2 April 2011, with MST(Brazil) and UGPM (Senegal)

Spanish tomatoes, Brazilian chicken or Kenyan green beans, the average European meal goes round the planet before ending up in a plate. However, our planet is not prospering, with more than a billion under-nourished people, out of which 70% are peasants! Green revolution, export-oriented monocultures, GMO’s, acceleration of global agricultural trade, destruction of the environment and biodiversity: our modern farming methods have been intensified, but they don’t feed everyone. Faced with industrial and productivist farming, peasants all over the world over are resisting (local distribution, organic farming, agro-ecology), with the aim of restructuring the relationship between urban areas and the countryside, between farmers and consumers. We will be tackling the interdependence between our models of production, processing and consumption in the North and South, via initiatives and concrete alternatives.
Updated: Tuesday, February 8, 2011