Solidarity economy

ILO - International Labour Organisation by Nieves Thomet

ILO (International Labour Organisation) : key elements on its history, challenges and aims. Explanation of the 4 pillars of decent work .. everything on this document.

Labour rights in Peru, by Abelardo Vildoso from ADEC-ATC

Work is a fundamental activity in social life, and the expression of the human being capacity to be useful to the society and to the development of her/his region ... click here to continue

Decent work in informal sector in India? By Duarte Barreto

Before we speak of decent work for informal sector workers of India, we need to remember that this sector represents about 380 to 400 Million workers, or about 91% to 92% of the active population of our country. In other words the organised sector represents only 8% -9% of the active population. The workers of the organised sector workers are (...)