Gender issues & social economy - July 2011

Women’s role and position in the fight for the respect of economic and social rights

From 3 to 23 July 2011, with Fedina (India) and APEF (Democratic republic of Congo) Globalisation has changed the international division of work, and increasingly affects women, both in the North and the South. The world’s economy is powered by gender inequality : Female workers exploited by multinationals companies in free trade zones, illegal (...)

What happened during Hemispheres?

For those who still don’t know about Hemispheres, it’s a three weeks training action organized by Frères des Hommes, shared with twenty great European participants. The training objective is to help young people to understand a bit better how this world works, what are the interconnections between North and South and also to offer them many (...)

Is it just an exhibition? No, it’s an INTERACTVIE exhibition!

What is an interactive exhibition? In order to conclude the session with energy, they discovered the last day what is an interactive exhibition is. The objective of this kind of exhibitions is to make people react on social problems (as the Word Carrier) but in picture! An interactive exhibition consists in sharing a general question or a (...)

Discovering a participative approach of “sensitization”

Frères des Hommes and Hemispheres training program try to sensitize a new public which is not usually involved in solidarity events. That’s why we have developed several innovating tools in order to create a new way of “sensitization”. The objective is to increase awareness over social problems which involve everybody. During each session the (...)

Focus on Word Carrier

As you read before, the word carrier was a success and a very great moment for all the participants! We let you discover what exactly is a word carrier, in this video realized by the participants. Word Carrier moments

Last session in picture

The eight session of Hemispheres was about “Gender issues and social economy” If you want to glance at the session ... enjoy these pictures ...