Print the page Discovering a participative approach of “sensitization”

Frères des Hommes and Hemispheres training program try to sensitize a new public which is not usually involved in solidarity events. That’s why we have developed several innovating tools in order to create a new way of “sensitization”. The objective is to increase awareness over social problems which involve everybody. During each session the participants have the opportunity to test two tools in the street the Word carrier and the Interactive exhibition.

How can you make a good word carrier (Extract from Matière prise’s Recipes Book )


  • One crucial question of society
  • Between 2 and 5 very dynamic animators
  • Some pre-collected testimonies
  • Lots of colourful boards
  • Felt-pins of different size and different colours
  • One copy book and one pen for each animator

Time of preparation: ½ day


  • Find a strategic place where there are a lot of homogenous passers by. It can be a park, a street, a mall…
  • Write the question and the pre-collected answers on different boards (play with the colours, the size and the police)
  • Highlight the boards in such a case that the maximum of passers by can see it. (They can be laid down, hung…)

Now everything’s ready. You can let the passers-by coming close to the installation and enjoy their reactions:… What is that? What are you doing here? The process is quite simple: meet people, start discussion, collect testimonies and add them to the exhibition.

Advice: Choose the right time: lunch time, after work when people can easily stop and discuss with you.

Let’s see concretely how a word carrier day is in Hemispheres

Before going in Paris’ streets to collect testimony of passers-by, the participants shared their opinions about the question. All of them took time to listen to each other and to share their experiences about the subject. Then by group, Hemispheres participants tried to give their personal point of view on this crucial question!

To see more testimonies go on

During one afternoon the participants tested for the first time the word carrier and we can say that is was a successful and amazing moment. Post in touristic places of Paris, they met lots of people and collected very interesting testimonies. For more information look at the video made by the participants over Word carrier.

Updated: Friday, September 16, 2011