Print the page Freeze the consumption by Katrin, Kadri and Allan

Short description of the action:

This event is a flash-mob in Tallinn and Tartu in the biggest supermarkets at the same time. The aims are to spread the message of responsible consumption to Estonian people. To give information about the reality of consumption worldwide and to show why consuming too much is a problem. To inspire others to take action in order to show their opinion and to start public debates on various issues. To show to Estonian people that there are people who are ready and willing to act on their opinion. We send a proposal to take part of our flash-mob to several Internet mailing-lists (including different student, anarchist, green movement organisations, voluntary service organisations etc). We created a blog which gave additional information about the flash-mob and consumption. We designed and printed postcards, which were handed out during the flash-mob and as well we spread them in cafes and bars. We made light-green t-shirts with questions about the consumption on the back. We sent a press-release to bigger media channels in Estonia.

Quantitative statements:

Overall the information was sent to 20 mailing-lists. In Tallinn around 30 people gathered to do the flash mob. In Tartu we had only 6 people so we decided not to do the freeze. People were saying that it is a fun and proper thing to do, but explained that they don’t follow green lifestyle in their everyday life, so they are not going to protest against themselves. They didn’t want to be hypocritical. Journalists also came and we we had also 4 articles about our event

Qualitative statements:

What did the participants get from the action? Almost everybody were wearing our t-shirts and got our postcards. During and after the flash mob organiser handed out postcards, explained what is happening and discussed their consuming habits. Media representers came from the national television station and two more photographers (one unknown and one from the biggest online newspage). Also, some customers of the commercial center told us they were surprised because we were young to take care about such issues! Maybe an impact on the youth perception ..

If you had to do it again, what would you change and why? We should choose a better date. Most of the students were already gone from the town because the school year had practically ended. We should spread the message earlier. We should like to find personal contacts in media

You can watch the video of the freezemob :

Updated: Thursday, September 9, 2010