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Florence from Italy

I am Florence and I studied European law. I love travelling, exploring, and meeting cool people! I am fond of art, cinema and photography.

I have been a young leader and volunteer since 2008 when I joined AEGEE (European Students Forum). I am involved in European projects organised by young people with the aim of strengthening cross-border cooperation and understanding in Europe. We promote mobility and cultural exchange, recognition of non-formal education and skills acquired during volunteering activities. I believe in the AEGEE motto: “We Make Europe Happen!” for this reason I am an enthusiastic volunteer.

For me, being involved means to be engaged in civil society associations, and to contribute to make young people’s voice heard in all Europe. For this reason, I have been committing myself to youth work and voluntary work for 3 and a half years, because I want to give to young people the possibility to experience the same opportunities I had. Thus, they can participate at the change of the world. Youth leaders have the power to build a better society. I regard Europe, the World as my home and I am not afraid to overcome the national way of thinking.

To make people react and be engaged is important to make them understand that their opinions count and are valuable, that global issues affect all of us and not only unlucky people, that they have the power to change things for the better and they are not alone to do it!

  Interview by Delphine