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Xavi, a Spanish participant from fifth session of Hemispheres, organizes a word carrier in Barcelona on Thursday October 20th from 10h00 to 15h00.

This event allows people who are absents from the traditional area of exchange (associations, institutions…) to meet in the street and to talk publicly. It is a collection and an exhibition of words from people and passers-by. A question is written on a board and then hung in the public space in a visible place. This question invites people to react about a specific topic. After that, the answers collected (opinions, reactions, points of views) are written down on other boards. This event will take place at the Centro Cívico Basté next to the metro station Virrei Amat on line 5. The topics will be food and agricultural issues in the world. The question will be “Is food only food?”. There will also be posters about agriculture, hunger and poverty. Passers-by will find some information about the situation in Spain, France and in some developing countries. These data will allow participants to gather knowledge to feed their thinking and facilitate discussions. From a more concrete standpoint, an information cooperative about fair trade will distribute leaflets about responsible consumption and the local alternatives in Barcelona.

Updated: Wednesday, October 20, 2010