Print the page What happened during Hemispheres?

For those who still don’t know about Hemispheres, it’s a three weeks training action organized by Frères des Hommes, shared with twenty great European participants. The training objective is to help young people to understand a bit better how this world works, what are the interconnections between North and South and also to offer them many spaces to think about their role and to express themselves. The last session took place between the 3rd and the 22nd of July was dedicated to women’s role and position in the fight for the respect of economic and social rights. 20 participants from Spain, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Ireland and France came in Paris to share their experience and exchange their opinions.

The first week , was dedicated to the global understanding of the current situation. Guillaume Duval from the newspaper Alternatives Economiques introduced made an introduction on economic context and explained how the crisis affects our global word.

Yveline Thomas from the association Adéquations underlined how gender involves everyone in each development project.

During the second week, the participants met our Southern partners Nunu Salufa from Democratic Republic of the Confo and Duarte Barreto from India. Nunu showed them the different problems women in Sud Kivu (area of Congo) are suffering from. She presented the projects of her association APEF which helps women with micro entrepreneurship and advocates for peace. Duarte underlined the situation of the Dalits in India and their fight for the recognition of human rights. He underlined the involvement of Unions and showed how there increase awareness.

The last week, Northern friend associations participated to the training in order to show how in their country they can become actors of solidarity. Coopaname proved that it is possible to put social and ethic concept in business with the co-op firm. The Collectif de l’éthique sur l’étiquette (member of the Clean Clothes Campaign) and the association Gender in Action explained how to increase awareness through advocacy and “sensitization campaign”. For the first time in Hemispheres history, three European actors of civil society took part in to training. Laima, a Lithuanian art critic and curator, dealt with women place in European art. Two members of Teatravisesas from Barcelona presented us the Oppressed Theatre.

During all the session, Hemispheres team tried to mix theoretical aspects with practical aspects through an introduction to Global Participative Education. The participants discovered how to play and increase awareness thanks to several games and new ways of debating.

After three weeks of amazing meetings and of sharing experiences, the participants left the training tired but full of information, motivation and ideas for their future local event.

Updated: Thursday, September 22, 2011