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Short description of the action:

We were 4 people in the group to carry out the local event- Allan, Katrin, Kadri and Irma from Est Yes. One action of our whole event was the implementation of a words carrier. Our question was "What would you like to change in your lifestyle?" We wanted the people on the street to start thinking if/how their everyday life is connected to world hunger and poverty. We picked a place in front of the biggest supermarket in Tallinn, because there are more people.

Quantitative statements:

The local event lasted for 3 hours and we got 32 answers.

Qualitative statements:

Did you reach your objectives and why? Were they relevant according to the specific situation? Overall I think it went well. We managed to meet our expectations- to talk to 30 people on the street about their everyday lifestyle. We are sure we managed to have a positive effect on the Estonian society.

Was it hard to put into action? What did you miss?

Preparation Preparation

The difficulty in organising an event like this in Estonia is that there are so few people compared to Western Europe and the local people are very reserved and passive. At the beginning it was going really slow. Only 2-3 people wanted to talk to us in the first 30 minutes and nobody was interested in the answers that we wrote down on the ground. We were expecting the Estonian people to be reserved (because Estonians are very reserved) but not that reserved. Many times it happened that when a person stopped for a short time to read the answers and the question on the ground, they left instantly because we were approaching them. It was really hard to start a real conversation about how is our everyday lifestyle connected to world hunger and poverty because many people were just not interested in it. Basically very few people were interested what we were doing. I think the reason was that normally this would be a political event (because NGOs are not very active in Estonia) and people don’t want to hear anything about politics.

What did the participants get from the action?

The local event lasted 3 hours and we got 32 answers. The answers were very varied. These are some examples: Let’s be more friendly and tolerant, Linda, 66 years old

More art, art changes, Yang, 27 years old

To laugh more, Tim, 18 years old

I should start jogging in the morning, Maris, 21 years old

To eat less burgers, Ken, 26 years old

Less partying, Susanna, 16 years old

I don’t wish to change nothing in my lifestyle, but the government should think more about young people and young families with children, Valeri, 48 years old

I would like to be able to save up some money, so I could travel more, to Asia for example, Andres, 28 years old

Not to let negative thoughts into my head, Paavo, 41 years old

If you had to do it again, what would you change and why?

There are a few things that we would change if we decided to organise the event for the 2nd time. a) To have more people on the team. Most of the time we had only 3 team members. There’s supposed to be 1 writer, 1 photographer, and 3 people making conversations. b) If the question doesn’t work as well as expected, to have another question. c) To think over all the possible answers before you start. Be prepared. d) To have a lot of additional questions, to back up the first question. e) You learn how to talk to different people only through experience. The more you practise PDP (Porteurs de Paroles; “words carrier”) the better you get.

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Updated: Friday, September 10, 2010